Gigi + Reggie | Crystal ballroom Wedding | Clearwater, Florida


We knew from the moment that Gigi and Reggie inquired with us they were excited to be married! Plus they are just plain awesome! So their wedding would obviously follow suite! They are two of the nicest people ever and their hearts are filled with so much joy.

Even though the Florida weather did what it wanted to do, per usual, they both continued to smile and laugh knowing the ceremony was just a short time away. Let us also just note, that we felt right at home with their families and Gigi’s mom constantly showering us with love and food, like any good mom or grandma would do. We L O V E food, and are still just daydreaming about all of the cheating on our diet we did in Gigi and Reggie’s honor last weekend!

The Crystal Ballroom was draped in white linens and tons of crystals then uplit in hues of blue to play off their color pallette. The ceremony will filled with the heartiest of laughs and continuous smiles! And then the venue did what they do best, transform a simple space into a stunning reception location.

They ate. They danced. Holy Moly did they danceeeeeeeeee. And then they allowed us to do what we do BEST and head outside for some killer night photos. We totally get it, taking 10 minutes from your reception for photos kind of stinks. But, all you get back from your wedding is your photos – and your video duh! So why not? And below you will see why 10 minutes is worth all 600 seconds

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