What can we say? This team is our second baby (Boss lady Ava is obviously the first) and we pour our hearts and souls into this work! We love to get to know people and we're friggin' excited you're here to get to know a little more about what makes Fabian Photo and Films the best damn thing since rainbows and unicorns. So grab a taco, or a slice of pizza...and start scrolling. I'm pretty sure we're about to become best friends.

The whole enchilada, The full monty!

The Full scoop

"I only came for the cake." -flo rida

who we are


Together since high school, engaged in 2015, married in 2017 (just 4 days after hurricane Irma), and now parents to our beautiful girl, Ava. We’re each other’s best friend and biggest fan and together we work every day of the year (which is totally cool cause we absolutely love what we do)! We also love pets…like…a lot...so much so that our best boy Enzo has a spot on the website (as every best boy should)! When we’re not working you can catch us eating somewhere delicious, hanging with our friends and family, or out on an epic adventure!

our details


"i make a killer charcuterie board"

pssssst, rose...what's your hidden talent??

Lately I am enjoying the getting ready part. It is so intimate being there for you best friend helping you put on your cufflinks. YOur mother helping you into the jewelery she wore at her wedding. 

Favorite Part of a wedding:

A Large Coke Zero with extra ice from Wendy’s lol

Favorite Beverage:

Anywhere in Colorado

Bucket List Wedding Location:

Ice Cream

Midnight Snack:

Rose's Faves

jack of all trades...literally!

pssssst, brandon...what's your hidden talent??


Favorite Part of a wedding:


Favorite Beverage:


Bucket List Wedding Location:


Midnight Snack:

Brandon's Faves


Em has been with us since Nov 2021 and for real...she is the absolute best! We met Em through a connection we made with her grandma while shopping for cabinets because of a leak in our kitchen (random much?!). Em happened to have a background in photography and was moving back to the area. These days, we can't imagine life without her! She is our main second photographer and videographer, and she always has an infectiously positive attitude! Best of all, she has a great eye for capturing moments in a very artistic way, and she is always down to sing along to your favorite reception tunes! Emilee really completes our team and we are so lucky to have her! 

emilee's details

Im good at drinking a ton of water - lol!

Of course the reception. I work here for the parties!

Favorite Part of a wedding:

Blue ICE drinks 

Favorite Beverage:

The top of a mountain

Bucket List Wedding Location:

Ice cream

Midnight Snack:

My Favorites

Ava & Enzo

AVA - The boss lady herself! Her number one fan and personal crumb collector is Enzo (more about him below). Ava was born with Microtia (underdeveloped ears) and we have learned a lot about the deaf and hard of hearing community. So when you see Ava on our stories and social media wearing a head band, those are actually her hearing aids! Ava is currently a three-teen and keeping us on our toes. She loves to color, is obsessed with Bluey and will down some McDonalds fries like its nobody's business. 

ENZO - The bestest good boy ever! He follows his tiny human everywhere (probably because she leaves a trail of "bite bites" behind her). Unlike Ava, Enzo highly values nap-time and enjoys keeping us on our toes in between snoozing and crumb-collecting. He loves pizza (maybe even more than nap-time), would down 3 pupacinos in a row if you let him, and is a massive fan of ice cream!

the dynamic duo's details

this could be you rocking out with us at your epic wedding!!!

2023 & beyond

Currently serving Tampa Bay and Palm Beach County couples (and beyond!) that are getting married and looking for their wedding day BFFs and dope photo + video memories to last a lifetime!

Servicing Tampa Bay and Palm Beach County


Added another employee


Added video packages.


Rose pushed Brandon outside his comfort zone (again) and convinced him to take video for a friend. "What's the worst that could happen?" We end up adding video services, hire another employee, and get flown all over the country to capture video of our client's big days?

Captured our first wedding video.


Added our first employee


Rose pushed Brandon to step outside his comfort zone and capture images of more than just cars!

Captured our first wedding.


"Everyday love me your own special way
Melt all my heart away with a smile" -Heatwave

Are you a photographer looking to hone your craft and take your business to the next level? We got you! We're all about sharing our knowledge and helping other photographers achieve their goals! 

Mentoring and teaching other photographers is rewarding AF and we love to do it!

From the moment you reach out to us, we're open and available to answer questions, offer a bit of helpful advise, or just shoot the sh!# if that's what you need! We understand every wedding is a unique expression of each couple,  and it's our absolute favorite thing to capture the moments that highlight the details that make your day uniquely yours. At the core of all this is the belief that if it's important to you, it's important to us and we're gonna make it shine!

the art of capturing a beautiful moment begins with a foundation of trust and communication.

we believe...

-Kahla & Pat

"If you’re still looking for a photographer/videographer, stop what you’re doing and book Brandon + Rose — now! They are easily the most down-to-earth people I have ever met and SO easy (and fun) to work with. Aside from that, they are incredibly talented at what they do and you will not be disappointed. We’ve only seen our sneak peeks so far and they are absolutely stunning. If I could give them a million stars, I would! I’m so happy we chose them to capture the best day of our lives. I wish we could do it all over again just so we got the chance to work with them again!"

If I could give them a million stars, I would!

star ratings


-Matt & Noel

"He perfectly captured our special moments and was a pleasure to work with. He gave us clear cues that led to really special photos. We felt very comfortable and at ease during the process. He even honored a special request I made for a sign we could hold during the shoot. Brandon was very quick to edit and turn around the photos the same night of our proposal which is why we had to hire him for our wedding! We still can’t get over how beautifully all of our photos turned out. What’s more- Brandon and Rose took time out of a busy day celebrating their daughter’s first birthday to be there for us and our proposal. Highly recommend this kind and talented team and will be looking forward to booking Fabian Photo + Films in the future."

Brandon was exceptional in his communication, coordination and execution for our surprise proposal shoot.

star ratings


-Ashely & Derek

"Brandon and Rose are incredibly talented, creative and down to earth (with a side of humor!) From the very first conversation to the end results, we knew they were the best of the best. Our wedding video dreams were made beyond what we could have imagined. We continue to watch it so often, reliving all the emotions- it’s something that will live forever. Every magical moment was captured and many more we were unaware that were happening. We had a beach destination wedding with a farm reception back home in KY and they merged the two beautifully. Fabian Films is worth every penny, we can’t recommend them enough!"

Every magical moment was captured and many more we were unaware that were happening. 

star ratings


let's make some magic together!

"it's that: can't eat, can't sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, world series kind of love."