So next year when you are celebrating your 1st anniversary, what are you going to be able to see, touch or watch to relive all those wedding day feels? That’s right, your photos and videos! Or what about in 25 years… you guessed it. Still your photos and videos – and probably prints and an album or two!! You are making an investment – and a damn good one if you ask us 😉


Money is never an easy thing to talk about. And you probably have a budget because you have a life you need to live and pay for. So you get up, go to work, do your job and go home.
Well this is our J O B.
It is what we do to live and pay for our things. To make sure Enzo has some Milk Bones so Ava stops feeding him her nuggets. And in a few years to get Ava all of the surgeries she will need. And trust us we love to do it.
But there is so much more that goes into our pricing than just the day of your wedding we are there capturing. It is our job to reply to you lighting fast no matter what we are doing – remember Target?? It is our job to be available to you throughout the 11 months you are planning your wedding and have questions. It is our job to come home after your 8 hour wedding day and sit at the computer for the next few weeks editing your photos and videos.
So if you are looking for the cheapest price in town we are probably not the best fit. If you are looking for Uncle Bob to take some blurry photos from the camera he bought at Walmart because The Knot suggested you ixnay that vendor from your wedding to save on budget, we’re probably not the right fit either. But if you’re looking for some gooooooooddddd quality stuff from your wedding taken by your new best friends then hit us up!
ANNDDD we are saying it right here à If you have a budget but are just DYING to work with us, see us party with you and your family and celebrate your love, let’s TACO bout it 😉


You know.. For those BREATHTAKING pictures on your walls of the BIGGEST day of your LIFE! The things Grandma WANTS a canvas of! All those months planning EVERY detail, the stress, the PERFECT DRESS...All the time and money you put into to.. You do it for the PHOTOS!



Whats left to be said about the films? When the parties done, The cake is eaten, and the flowers die, What is left? Pictures are Timeless, Classics, and are VERY important. HOWEVER! One day down the road you may not remember the WORDS your brother spoke or The TEAR running down Dads face while he danced with you. THIS is why FILMS ARE different. You will ALWAYS be able to HEAR your Brothers voice and the WORDS spoken. Instead of a photo of him holding a cold microphone. You have a FILM, a VIDEO, with AUDIO of these moments to bring your ALL THE FEELS every time you see it!


Photos + Films


ALL your WANTS under ONE ROOF!


What are couples have said:


brandon wedding photographer

"We booked Brandon and Rose at the last minute, when our previously booked photographer was unable to shoot our wedding. Brandon Paul Photography came highly recommended and they did not disappoint. Being the Type-A, overly organized bride that I was, I was so relieved to find that Rose was equally as meticulous as I was. Posing for pictures does not come naturally for us, so we had a vision of wanting a photo journalistic / candid feel to our photos. Brandon Paul Photography DID. NOT. DISAPPOINT. They truly captured our day in the most beautiful way possible and it brought back so many feelings when we received our gallery. We didn't originally plan on having a videographer, but when we saw that they offered videography in a packaged price with photo, we decided to go for it. And we're SO HAPPY that we did. The videos were AMAZING! Neither one of us remembered our vows to each other (lol!) so it was so nice to be able to watch it after the fact and relive the moment. And the blooper reel.... OH MY GOSH! We got to relive all the fun that we had :) I highly recommend Brandon and Rose, they were professional, organized, and produced one heck of a final product. I can't thank them enough "

- Briana & Taylor

"There is nothing they won't do. They will stop at nothing. Pure artistry. We cannot stop watching our videos and looking st our pictures. We are so in love and so obsessed with everything they did. Super creative and we are so blessed to have had them. Their creativity is second to none. Absolutely the best".


- Nicole & Justin

Fabian Photo + Films is the way to go! I wouldn't have wanted to spend the most intimidate parts of my day with any other vendor. They are so professional while making me feel like a complete princess. They captured every bit our our special day and then some. Photography and videography was beyond professional and came back in a quick time after the wedding. Any advice for your day would be to hire them!


- Nicole & Geoff