Why you NEED a Wedding Film!

On the fence about booking a Wedding Videographer? Here are some things to consider!


Video? Like a wedding video? I’m sure when most of you hear wedding video what comes to mind is your parents or aunts wedding video. You know the one. The guy walking around with the huge camcorder on his shoulder. That video that is hours long that no one has the attention span to sit through. Well I’m here to tell you. TIMES HAVE CHANGED….. In a GOOD way!

Wedding films today have evolved into cinematic adventures. They pull at your heart strings. They will make you laugh and cry. They allow you to relive all those wedding day feels! Every company has their own look and style. So making sure you pick one that fits your vision is a MUST. Are you hoping to have just the ceremony filmed? Maybe the whole day in chronological order? Or perhaps a more Cinematic Hollywood movie style? Those are questions you will need to ask yourself when choosing your Videographer to make sure they are a perfect fit for you!

I want to touch on two big things here. The first is the WHY. Why have a wedding video? You already have a bomb.com photographer, isn’t that enough? The second is the HOW. How to choose the right one. We want to stay away from that friend that takes cell phone videos of her dog Stella that you love on Facebook, while those are cute… We want a Professional.

THE WHY. The question that is really on your mind. Do I really need this? Why aren’t my photos enough? What’s the difference?

Let’s get to it

Have any recently married friends? Do a little bit of homework and you will find that one of the biggest regrets from couples is that they didn’t get a wedding video. For years it has been an afterthought. Which blows my mind since soo many people admit they regret not getting one. Learn from their mistakes!

We are going to get a little deep right now. Prepare yourself. Close your eyes. Picture your big day. The whole day. From start to finish.

Let’s talk speeches. Your Maid of Honor, Best Man, Maybe a blessing from a loved one. Or dancing. Mom crying while she dances with her only son. Dad twirling you around the dance floor to a song he used to sing to you when you were young. What an amazing time!

Now let’s fast forward. Maybe your first anniversary? Maybe 5 or 10 years down the road? All the cake has been eaten and the flowers have died. You pull out your wedding album and start flipping the pages. The photos are gorgeous but something is different. You get to your Sisters speech, but you can’t remember the words she spoke. You have a picture, a photo of her holding a microphone and a photo of you laughing. But at what? You continue… There will be a point in time when someone might not be around anymore. Dad has passed away. You are there looking at a photo of you and him standing in the middle of the dance floor. And just wish you could relive the moment.

THIS IS WHY you NEED a film

Those vows you wrote? Well now you get to listen to them. The words your sister spoke that made you laugh? You will get to laugh at them all over again. Instead of looking at a cold photo of you and dad standing on the dance floor. You now get to feel that emotion, see that tear run down his face as he pulls you close, and watch him laugh when he spins you way to many times. This may have sounded morbid. Who the hell talks about death on a wedding blog? But its life. Its things people don’t think about. And it’s why these things are so important. Being able to hear the words, see the tears, and feel the emotions all over again. It’s a different way to relive your experience.


If you are still reading that means you understand the need for a video and are ready to start your search for a Profession Wedding Videographer! Here are some tips for how to find the perfect one for you.

Videographer…. Filmmaker… Whatever they call themselves. The are going to be the ones to film your wedding.

Pick your style: Some companies have a documentary style. Some are more on the cinematic side, so first thing is to see what style you like more! Not sure what’s what? Our films are on the Cinematic side of things. Feel free to take a look at a few.

If your Photographer offers video this is a huge plus (if you like their videos). Because your photographer and videographer will be working together ALL DAY. Having a good connection and a positive relationship together helps the day run smooth. If they don’t offer video, it is worth asking if they have some videographer recommendations. Sometimes they have someone they worked with before and liked!

One thing to note* We have seen Photographers offer “video” but its actually just a slide show or they try to take photo and video themselves with the same camera. Our advice. Stay away from that. If your Photographer offers video, it should be a separate Videographer or Filmmaker.


You don’t want someone with you ALL DAY that you don’t vibe with

Recommendations, Reviews, and Ratings

If a wedding film is not done correctly it will seem like it was a complete waste of money. No one wants a shaky out of focus wedding film. So do your homework! Check their reviews. Watch some of their finished films. Check for ratings. There are a bunch of ways to look. Facebook, Weddingwire, Theknot, Ect. Maybe they are a newer company? That shouldn’t scare you too much IF they have good reviews and have a few finished films to show you. You could also reach out to a past client and ask about their experience!

Everyone has a budget

Some big, some small

one thing you want to stay away from is eliminating options based solely on price. Quality of the videos, the reputation of the wedding videographer, and the offered package as a whole (Not all packages are equal) are all things that you must factor in. These are your memories. Its an investment. Wasting money on a cheap video is still wasting money.. You don’t want to end up paying for a film that you don’t like and regretting it later.

Another thing you may want to consider is the number of videographers assigned to you. Because it is impossible to retake moments at a wedding, having an additional videographer helps to cover an additional angle which will make the wedding film feel more cinematic and complete. Two or three is better than one (especially if you have a guest list of over 100 people).

Bigger isn’t always better

(when it comes to wedding videos)

The length of the video is one of the least important factors to consider when searching for wedding videography services. I’m not saying get the shortest video possible, but you probably don’t want a long and dragged out wedding video that becomes a pain to watch either.

When was the last time you sat through a 20-30 minute video on your phone or YouTube? The key is to capture the important moments and memories of the day and turn them into a meaningful video that you are compelled to watch it over and over again.

If you do want a longer video, check what they offer in their packages. Some companies will offer a longer one and a shorter highlight film together in a package. Don’t be afraid to talk to them. Explain what you are looking for. If the budget comes into play here, ask if you can add on to your package later. We have had clients book a shorter video because that is what their budget allowed. And they have reached out after the wedding (after some of those wedding checks roll in) and asked if they could purchase a longer film or add on the full speeches. This is something we offer our clients.


Trusting is hard. Knowing who to trust, even harder

Trust is something we always talk about when it comes to picking ANY of your wedding vendors. You need to trust them. Photo and Video are creative businesses. You need to allow them to do what they need to. Being a helicopter bride doesn’t help with the creative process.

When you have vendors you trust its like all the weight is lifted off your shoulders. Knowing everything will be handled with the utmost care by the professionals you hired. It is their job to find the best light, poses, and angles. If you love their work (which you should if you paid them) then it will be one less thing to stress about.