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Wedding Tips And Tricks

Hey there! Happy to have you here. We’re Rose and Brandon, high school sweethearts turned husband and wife, and the heart behind Fabian Photo + Films. As your lead photo and video duo, we’ve been capturing the magic of weddings since 2012.

Beyond the camera, we’re a close-knit family of four. Our vivacious 4-year-old, Ava, adds a sprinkle (maybe the whole jar right now) of sass, while Enzo, our rescued mastiff mix, brings an abundance of sweetness, laziness and wisdom in his old age. Our downtime is filled with shared meals (we’re big foodies!), hearty laughter at anything funny – Adam Sandler and Will Farrell are serious names in our house, and nature walks as a family. We work every day of the year! So when we have a moment we love to live big, play hard, and embrace the messiness of craft time.

Weekends are dedicated to crafting memories with our wonderful clients and their loved ones during one of the most significant days of their lives. Rose relishes the getting ready moments, Brandon is here for formalities in-between, and truth be told, we both look forward to the cake (or reception, but cake is a serious highlight for us!).

Now, let’s dive into why Fabian Photo + Films is your ultimate destination for all your wedding photography, videography, and photobooth needs. 

Brandon, the creative force behind Fabian Photo + Films, whose love for photography began in high school. From documenting his car builds to capturing moments for friends’ Facebook profiles, Brandon has wielded a camera for as long as he can remember – well before the era of presets, Lightroom, and AI.

As a highly technical individual, Brandon’s expertise extends to his passion for creative lighting. This ultimately led him to develop an exclusive Off Camera Flash course, empowering fellow creatives to master lighting techniques for their clients.

In a game-changing moment in 2015, a friend’s wedding sparked the realization of the importance of wedding videos, a regret shared with the Bride by other couples who skipped on the expense. Rose saw Brandon’s potential to exceed expectations. Since that freezing November wedding, Rose persuaded him to broaden our services to include wedding videography, marking her journey as Lead Videographer at Fabian Photo + Films.

Since that, did I say freezing, November night, we’ve experienced remarkable growth, expanding both our team, services and serviced areas throughout the years. As of 2023, we take pride in our forever growing team, consisting of 1 dedicated full-time employee, 4 skilled associate photo/videographers, and 2 talented in-house editors, alongside our founders, Rose and Brandon.

Our collective efforts have led to the documentation of 200 weddings, numerous family celebrations, baby milestones, graduations, corporate soirees, and various other events.

Our commitment goes beyond a single day or moment. We’re your dedicated photographer and videographer, capturing the essence of your lives and building a legacy that lasts a lifetime. From the excitement of engagements to the warmth of family moments, we are here to document every chapter of your story.

We don’t just capture moments; we curate experiences!

Every click of the shutter is an intentional step in crafting a narrative that transcends the ordinary. It’s about creating a visual symphony that resonates with the emotions, stories, and unique essence of each individual we have the privilege to capture. From the smallest details to the grandest celebrations, our aim is to not only freeze time but to immerse you in an experience that you can revisit and relish for a lifetime. Your story deserves more than documentation; it deserves the artistry of curation, and we’re here to make that happen.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about us. Now we cant wait to get to know you!

xoxo Rose and Brandon

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