We’re the Fabians’!  and yea… that’s us ^^ We are the “cake in the face” kinda couple 

Our story is looooonng but we will make it quick – lol. We have been together since high school. Got engaged in 2015. Got married in 2017, 4 DAYS AFTER HURRICANE IRMA might we add, talk about stress. We now have a baby girl named Ava, she is the boss around here these days! And the rest is history. Needless to say we totally understand being on YOUR side of the camera being newlyweds ourselves!

So we work every day of the year, which is totally cool cause we love our job. Replying to your emails. Chatting you up on social media. Stalking your furbabies cause we LOVE pets. But when we have a few minutes to spare you can catch us eating somewhere delicious, hanging with our friends and family because they are the glue that keeps us together orrrr were on an adventure with Ava. We spend quite a bit of our down time in New York City. Amazon Prime is a serious problem in our household and we may go down the Facebook and Youtube rabbit holes a bit too often. Brandon found this “great” button on his phone that pulls up what you are watching on the TV. Its great….. so says Brandon lol.

Tacos and Pizza are their own food groups and coffee is a must before we speak to each other in the morning.

We may have started shooting weddings because we love to dance and eat cake. Well that’s not 100% true, but we do like to boogie down and eat cake. But isn’t that like the best way to celebrate?

Fun Fact about Rose –> she is a crier! If she is below a 4 or above a 7 on a scale she is crying. Those darn Publix commercials get her every time and lets not even talk about some heartfelt vows. SO. MANY. TEARS. lol

Fun Fact about Brandon –> He has a special set of skills. Ones that allow him to fix just about anything. Seriously, from cars to water wells, to putting together some ridiculous furniture from Ikea. He makes it happen.

                                                                Ava and Enzo? They are Ying and Yang. In the office or on the couch they are always hanging out. Probably because Ava seems to drop ALOT of food…. haha Ava was born with Microtia (underdeveloped ears) and we have learned a lot about the deaf/hard of hearing community. So when you see Ava on our stories and social media wearing a hand band, those are actually her hearing aids 🙂

Now that you know all about us, tell us all about you!


Just Like Family

"Rose & Brandon are a KNOCK OUT team. They put their whole heart and soul into making our day feel more like family then work" - Colleen & Tommy


Rain? No Problem!

"We used Brandon Paul Photography for our wedding in May 2018....they were awesome! We had a lot of rain the day of the wedding but they were still able to capture our moments with creativity and beauty. We loved the way all the photos turned out and Rose was so easy to work with as it was destination wedding. I can't say enough good things, would recommend their work highly!! :)" - Heather & Mike


Real Emotion

"Wow is the first word that comes to mind. Just wow. Brandon and Rose from Brandon Paul Photography were nothing short of amazing! Not only did they always respond to my one million pre-wedding questions, they responded quickly and clearly genuinely cared about each response (and gave great advice). We were so nervous going into our engagement session thinking we were super unphotogenic which I still think we may be but due to
their skills (magic) we loved every single photo!! They put us at such ease and knew exactly how to help create real emotion and not even notice there was a camera there. Then our wedding day came. They again, were amazing! They kept our schedule running on time and everyone in order. My dress had an insane amount of layers and Rose made sure not one of them dragged on the floor or tripped me while moving locations. They were both very professional yet fun! Brandon kept us laughing all day. They fit in so well with our family and worked extremely well with our other vendors. I could honestly go on all day about the two of them. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! You will not regret!" -Alex & Keith